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Accelerate Digital Transformation, Reduce Risk, and Optimize the Digital Experience in Financial Services
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Accelerate Digital Transformation While Minimizing Risk

The network and cloud infrastructure supporting financial services enterprises is constantly evolving and growing more complex by the day. As IT teams adapt to overseeing global networks with multiple data centers, hybrid cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications, it can become extremely difficult to maintain the unified observability needed to properly manage this change and mitigate risk.

Riverbed provides total control of your digital transformation with unified observability across your network, applications, and hybrid infrastructure. With unified observability into hybrid cloud infrastructure, financial services organizations can close the gap on visibility into cloud workloads, plan for seamless application migrations, optimize cloud performance, and reduce cloud costs.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Shorten Time to Remediate IT Issues

Financial services organizations are often flooded by massive volumes of data and alerts from monitoring tools that provide little context or actionable insights. This often leads to blind spots that can cause unacceptable delays in identifying and mitigating the root cause of network problems.

Alluvio IQ surfaces impactful issues with context to solve problems faster. With full fidelity telemetry and automated troubleshooting, Alluvio IQ helps financial services organizations achieve more first-level resolutions with pre-built workflows that gather evidence, build context, and set priorities automatically.

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Alluvio IQ Automates Common IT Processes


Improve The Omnichannel Experience

As banking and financial services continue to shift to an omnichannel experience that spans in-person branches, ATMs, online services, consumer facing applications, and back-office applications, the digital experience for employees and customers has become a top priority for financial services organizations.

Alluvio Aternity DEM enables financial services organizations to measure the digital experience of every application involved in the customer journey. With insight into the unique paths across digital services on the website, to the business-critical applications used by employees, Aternity DEM can proactively manage the digital journey to deliver a world-class experience.

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Digital Experiences are a Priority for Financial Sector


Reduce the Risk of Cloud Migration

Many Financial Service organizations are undergoing extensive cloud migration initiatives. These migrations often come with the risk of unpredictable outcomes, higher costs, and poor end-user experience.

Riverbed provides unified observability into hybrid cloud infrastructure, enabling financial services organizations to achieve true visibility into cloud workloads, plan for seamless application migrations, optimize cloud performance, and reduce cloud costs.

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Solution Brief

Cloud Migration Solution Brief


Improve Business Outcomes

Riverbed solutions like Alluvio Aternity DEM provide insight into the business impact of the employee and customer digital experience. With full-spectrum DEM that spans across digital services on websites to interacting with employees in the contact center, or branch, financial services organizations can prioritize investment based on its direct business impact.

Riverbed can also improve employee productivity by accelerating the performance of business-critical applications. With fast and consistent application performance, financial services organizations can improve the customer experience without having to increase costs or hire additional employees.

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Extracting the Value of Data with Unified Observability


Customers Trust Riverbed


Alluvio Aternity DEM

Alluvio Aternity DEM provides insight into customer and employee digital experiences across devices, all business applications and cloud-native services.

Alluvio NetProfiler

Alluvio NetProfiler provides in-depth traffic insights with network traffic flow monitoring to optimize network performance, capacity planning and security.

Alluvio IQ

Alluvio IQ is a SaaS-based, open, and programmable unified observability service that captures full-fidelity user experience, application, and network performance data on every transaction across the digital enterprise.


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