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Infrastructure Performance Underpins App Performance

The health of the infrastructure supporting your critical applications is essential to application delivery. If your infrastructure fails, your applications do too. To complicate matters, infrastructure itself is not static. It changes frequently, in terms of both configuration and topology. IT organizations need to proactively manage and monitor IT infrastructure to detect performance issues, map application network paths, diagram your network, track configuration changes, and troubleshoot infrastructure problems.

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EMA Shared Tool Strategy Network Security

The silos are breaking down between NetOps and SecOps and making way for greater collaboration.


Benefits of Alluvio NetIM infrastructure monitoring

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Scalable, real-time monitoring

Leverage multiple approaches (e.g., SNMP, WMI, streaming, CLI, traps, syslog, and synthetic testing) for a complete understanding of enterprise infrastructure performance.

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Path Analysis

Know how transactions are traversing the infrastructure and how devices/interface performance affects application performance.

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Configuration management

Compare side-by-side configurations to quickly find changes affecting performance.

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Native health scoring identifies what devices and sites are degraded for fast problem identification.

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Alluvio Portal

Alluvio Portal leverages cross-domain network and application data to create a dynamic visibility dashboard of application performance. Different teams can get integrated insights of the network and application environment, which helps to more rapidly diagnose and fix service issues.

Alluvio AppResponse

Alluvio AppResponse provides fast packet capture and storage that feeds intelligent network and application analysis with fast troubleshooting workflows to speed problem diagnosis and resolution.

Alluvio NetProfiler

Alluvio NetProfiler provides in-depth traffic insights with network traffic flow monitoring to optimize network performance, capacity planning and security.


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Technical Specs

Alluvio NetIM Data Sheet


Alluvio Family Brochure

Learn more about the Alluvio Unified Observability Family of products


Alluvio Product Family Spec Sheet


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